This is Austin. We have been struggling with this quarter crack for roughly five years. We have tried everything and nothing seems to help. I put shoes on him for the last two summers, trying to keep the cracks from getting worse, but they are not getting any better. He is not lame, but I don’t know why not, as three out of the four feet have issues. Austin started on THE EDGE™ on March 19th and he loved it.

After just two months of being on THE EDGE™, I could see a very noticeable ring of new hoof growth and the crack was beginning to seed. The new material looked amazing. This is the first time in five years that I have found something that works on Austin.

Seven months after starting THE EDGE™, all of Austin’s feet look amazing. The quarter crack has completely seeded and the new material is solid with no cracking or chipping. If anybody has a horse with a hoof issue, and they are not on THE EDGE™, I strongly recommend they give it a try.
– Tammy Donaldson, South Algonquin Trais, ON

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