I first chatted with THE EDGETM in 2013. Since then our family (ranging in age from 81 to 33) have been taking it, including all of our horses and a dog. It has been our experience that it is a product that fills a multitude of holes. Our horses look and behave amazingly. The horses’ hooves grow a tighter hoof capsule as well as grow out much quicker. Their coats are deeper and their overall health is improved. I have not had any of our animals respond negatively to this product nor refuse it. Which as we all know can be such a difficulty when we are trying to feed something that has not been “flavor enhanced.”

We take it every day ourselves and feed it every day to our horses and our dog. I believe in this product, I use this product, I recommend this product.
Cathy Nichol, Colinton, AB, Eagle’s Wing Ranch

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