My daughter’s horse, Lacy, was diagnosed with chronic suspensory ligament desmitis in April. We were instructed to rehab her, but not expect to see much improvement. We started her on THE EDGETM in June.

She went for a recheck yesterday and has no sign of lameness. The ultrasound showed a huge reduction in the size of the ligament. The most they have seen with a chronic condition and ever seen in this short a time. The two vets that specialize in lameness were shocked at the improvement. They said “We don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it”. The vets originally told us that it was unlikely that she would ever recover. The only hope of a POSSIBLE recovery would be surgery which we felt was not an option. She is now 100% sound in a circle and on the straight and showing a 10%+ reduction in the size of the ligament. They have never seen this kind of change with this particular condition.

My daughter and I strongly believe the improvement is attributed in large part to the algae. Our horse loves it and it seems to work miracles.
Teresa Burk, CA

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