I see about 700-800 dogs a year and hot spots is a common issue where dogs suffer terribly. Most of this, I believe is that their bodies are not able to cope, and the root of that cause is inadequate nutrition. With all the poor dog food formulas and junk treats out there, it’s no wonder our dogs can’t fight off infections etc. THE EDGE™ gives dogs the boost they need in order to allow the body to do what it should do best – HEAL ITSELF!

My dog, Summer, is a typical dog, she likes to get dirty, she likes to swim daily and she lives on the farm so rolling in all kinds of unmentionables is part of her life.

Her history of hot spots is lengthy. Her successful show career was interrupted frequently as a result of her hot spots and several TV appearances cancelled. At the time of the Royal Winter Fair, she had a very large hot spot under her ear. She scratched all night, wore an Elizabethan collar and was prescribed Prednisone etc. I put her on THE EDGE™ and as of today, you can see that her spot is cleared up and she has not had another spot since. This is the longest she has gone without a new spot cropping up. The price of THE EDGE™ is well worth every penny, cheaper than all the vet bills and I believe my dog’s overall health is better because of it.
– Ellie Ross BSc. Agr., Former CTV Pet Expert, Present Rogers TV Pet Expert,
Reader’s Digest Pet Expert, Owner of WAG N TRAIN INC.

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