When I started using THE EDGE™, I quickly discovered that it is a product that every cat owner needs from kittens to senior cats! I was amazed how quickly the fur on my cats became shiny and unbelievably soft with no grooming on my part.

THE EDGE™ also helps enhance their immune system and quickly heal open wounds and abrasions. I live in a farming community so plenty of stray cats visit and fight with my cats. When my cats get chewed up and have inflamed wounds, I double up on THE EDGE™ to repair them. Within a few days the cat is healed and I don’t get clawed apart trying to dress the wounds.

I even fed it to my six week old kittens that had ulcers in their eyes. My vet said it could take at least a month or two to see any improvement. However within a week of feeding THE EDGE™, they lost the cloudy film and their eyes were clear. I returned to my veterinarian and he was in total shock when I showed him the kittens. My faith in THE EDGE™ was confirmed. Since that experience, I supplement all of my young kittens with THE EDGE™ as soon as they are willing to drink from a syringe.

I now give about a month’s supply of THE EDGE™ to anyone who buys or adopts my kittens. I know if I can convince the new owner to use it, that my kitten will be off to a stress-free, healthy start. This is truly the best product I have ever used and as a bonus it is totally natural and safe. My family takes it daily and I feed it to all my horses, cats and dogs.
Bev Koole, Lacombe, AB

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