With over 37 years of shoeing horses from backyard ponies to high end Olympic level jumpers I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of issues. Developing my forging and trimming skills, continuing education and keeping abreast of new breakthroughs and products is a must in today’s highly competitive equine business. I have always felt if there is something I can do or learn to help the horse, I am privileged to have in my care, I want to have that skill and knowledge.

Certainly being on the Canadian Farriers team and by competing at shoeing competitions both locally and internationally has been a big part of giving me an edge in forging different options that can t be bought off the shelf. One thing I can do as well is to help educate my clients to what I believe are the best options. There is a constant flow of new (promise all) products and gimmicks that can be confusing but there are some things I feel confident and comfortable recommending. Lately I have been seeing great result from THE EDGE™.

From a personal reference it helped me with a sore wrist that was making me think I might have to do knife work with my left hand. Within a week I found the soreness reduced and working with my right hand doing sole prep back to normal. I still take a small maintenance amount for good health. I’ve had clients have good results with issues such as ligament injury healing, fungal issues (white line disease), shelly weak hoof walls, deep thrush, infections and laminitis. I am not saying it was the only factor, but I do think it was an integral part with good care, veterinary support, and proper supportive foot care. THE EDGE™ is definitely part of my (go to) recommendation and encourage you to check this product out.
– Doug Buck, Buck Farrier & Forge, ON

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