I have been using THE EDGETM for almost two years now, and have seen only positive results with my horses. I have two dressage horses on the algae, and have seen improvements in both of them. Both have experienced more rapid hoof growth without a doubt, and their hooves are of improved integrity.

My mare has a difficult temperament which has been much, much more manageable since introducing THE EDGETM to her diet. When I started her on it, she was barely able to accomplish a first level dressage test. With a dramatic change in her attitude, within a couple of months, she was training at third level, with flying changes confirmed.

Their coats glisten as well, which to me is an indicator of good health. My horses are training at 4th level and PSG in dressage. The horses love this product, and I have not had any issue with getting them to eat it. I have had only positive results.

I believe in this product and recommend it strongly.
Marion Bayliff, Williams Lake, BC

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