I first came across THE EDGE™ at the Spruce Meadows Master’s tournament. This product fit perfectly with a philosophy that I have always emphasized to my patients – eat whole foods! THE EDGE™ is a whole food which implies a perfect balance of the protein and minerals it contains. It requires no processing, extraction, or tampering of any sort to produce the final product. It is 100% whole natural food packed full of micronutrients that we so lack in our current western diet. Poor nutrition – diets full of processed foods – is the shaky foundation that has resulted in the plethora of health issues we are now dealing with on a daily basis. Heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity – these all stem in large part from the poor choices people make when it comes to their food. THE EDGE™ is a product that provides the basic necessities of trace elements, micronutrients, and proteins that can solidify our foundation and allow us to build and maintain a much healthier balance. When the body is balanced, it is far more capable of fighting off disease, be it the common cold or cancer.

I have used this product personally as well as recommended it to my human and four-legged patients. I have had nothing but positive feedback and am now including THE EDGE™ as a general recommendation for all of my clients. I am not ‘pro-supplement’ generally speaking, as I prefer that my patients get their nutrition through whole foods. However, THE EDGE™ is a product I feel confident recommending. It is a whole food – the body knows exactly what to do with it because it recognizes the perfect balance of a whole food. There is no better nutritional source than that.
– Dr. Michelle Phillips, MS, RAc, DTCM, AB

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