This is Austin. We have been struggling with this quarter crack for roughly five years. We have tried everything and nothing seems to help. I put shoes on him for the last two summers, trying to keep the cracks from getting worse, but they are not getting any better. He is not lame, but I don’t know why not, as three out of the four feet have issues. Austin started on THE EDGE™ on March 19th and he loved it.

After just two months of being on THE EDGE™, I could see a very noticeable ring of new hoof growth and the crack was beginning to seed. The new material looked amazing. This is the first time in five years that I have found something that works on Austin.

Seven months after starting THE EDGE™, all of Austin’s feet look amazing. The quarter crack has completely seeded and the new material is solid with no cracking or chipping. If anybody has a horse with a hoof issue, and they are not on THE EDGE™, I strongly recommend they give it a try.
– Tammy Donaldson, South Algonquin Trais, ON


Jet has been plagued with poor feet since I got him as a five year-old. Although I have tried many hoof products, I didn’t find the perfect fit until I started giving him THE EDGE™. Jet threw a shoe during a cross country run at Bromont CCI*** and severely damaged his hoof. He almost couldn’t finish the competition. While at the competition I learned about THE EDGE™ and immediately put him on it. Five weeks later his foot showed record growth. In addition, his personality is more focused and his coat is gleaming. I couldn’t be more pleased by what THE EDGE™ has done for Jet. It is now a permanent part of our daily program.
Ashley Leith, Eventer, FL


Dakota is a mustang/quarter cross from out west. One day I walked into his paddock and found a piece of flesh hanging from his chest. The wound was one foot long and three inches wide and I had no idea what had happened, or how. The wound was infected and looking pretty nasty. This is when I thought of putting him on THE EDGE™. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. In just five and a half weeks, I couldn’t believe that the wound had completely healed itself and the hair had grown back…I didn’t even use any topical creams or ointments. What is even more amazing is that there is no scarring! The only marks visible are the ones from the sutures and the drainage tube. THE EDGE™ has made a believer out of me and now I am putting all my horses on it.
– Tammy Donaldson, South Algonquin Trais, ON


When I received a text that Celina was bitten in the face by another horse, I was devastated! We had travelled all this way to show my Welsh pony at the Royal Winter Fair and now her face was cut up and bloody. I was asking everyone for help. One of my clients responded by telling me to go see the people at THE EDGE™ booth, so I did.

When I spoke with them, they told me, quite honestly, they didn’t know if the injury would be healed by Friday, but by feeding this food, it would be Celina’s best chance for recovery. Desperate, I gave it a try. Celina ate the food no problem, so I just continued giving it to her daily, increasing the amount as was recommended to me.

Wow, what a difference in just five short days! I would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself. Look at the amazing healing that occurred in such a short time…and the hair is even growing back!

So I am sure you are wondering what happened at the Royal. Celina came in first winning a red ribbon in her class! We couldn’t be more pleased!! We are telling everyone about THE EDGE™ in hopes that they do what we did and just give it a try.
– Daina Strickland, ON


My horse Argo has had an issue with whole body swelling, but the most noticeable is his sheath. He has been like this for a long time, but has been steadily getting worse over the last four years or so. In the fall, he could barely walk and trotting was out of the question.

I did a hair analysis on him and I was told that his body has been fighting an infection / bacteria in his blood for quite a long time and that his immune system is starting to shut down from overuse. He came to me with an infection of some sort…and shared it with all his new buddies!

It didn’t take but a couple of weeks on THE EDGE™ before he was noticeably better. The entire summer has gone by and he is off his medication, and his sheath is still the normal size, so that is a good sign.
– Tammy Donaldson, South Algonquin Trails, ON


Phoenix is sound and does ride, but I wasn’t liking something about her…maybe her condition or her attitude, so I started her on THE EDGE™ and she loved it!

She has been awesome all summer and works just as much as the other working horses. Here she is with her best friend Xena…they are both pushing 20 years old and are my best kids horses. THE EDGE™ has helped improve their quality of life. Not only are they going strong, but they are looking great, too!
– Tammy Donaldson, South Algonquin Trails, ON


Turbo had been suffering with stage 4 C.O.P.D. for nearly two years. After trying all options, his condition was so bad that two vets suggested euthanasia. In hopes to relieve him of his condition, we gave THE EDGE™ a try but didn’t really expect much. Within 90 days, we were able to stop all meds and noticed he had returned to the top of the pecking order. We were amazed! Seeing him trotting around over the hills was a far cry from the Turbo everyone knew a short three months before. I truly believe that this product is what made his recovery possible and today we continue to give him THE EDGE™ daily.
– Shannon Hanley, Coach, Deerfields Stables, ON


I first came across THE EDGE™ at the Spruce Meadows Master’s tournament. This product fit perfectly with a philosophy that I have always emphasized to my patients – eat whole foods! THE EDGE™ is a whole food which implies a perfect balance of the protein and minerals it contains. It requires no processing, extraction, or tampering of any sort to produce the final product. It is 100% whole natural food packed full of micronutrients that we so lack in our current western diet. Poor nutrition – diets full of processed foods – is the shaky foundation that has resulted in the plethora of health issues we are now dealing with on a daily basis. Heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity – these all stem in large part from the poor choices people make when it comes to their food. THE EDGE™ is a product that provides the basic necessities of trace elements, micronutrients, and proteins that can solidify our foundation and allow us to build and maintain a much healthier balance. When the body is balanced, it is far more capable of fighting off disease, be it the common cold or cancer.

I have used this product personally as well as recommended it to my human and four-legged patients. I have had nothing but positive feedback and am now including THE EDGE™ as a general recommendation for all of my clients. I am not ‘pro-supplement’ generally speaking, as I prefer that my patients get their nutrition through whole foods. However, THE EDGE™ is a product I feel confident recommending. It is a whole food – the body knows exactly what to do with it because it recognizes the perfect balance of a whole food. There is no better nutritional source than that.
– Dr. Michelle Phillips, MS, RAc, DTCM, AB


I am an Equine Veterinarian, with a special interest in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy. I also hold a Master of Science degree in Animal Nutrition.

I have been using blue-green algae supplementation – specifically the Alphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) variety, in horses and small animals (dogs and cats) very successfully for over eleven years, the last two years have exclusively been with ‘THE EDGETM’. The specific conditions I select this product to address are mainly inflammation, immune enhancement and overall wellness. In fact, I use THE EDGETM personally, and have recommended it broadly to clients, friends and family.
Dr. Thea K. Legaarden, MSc, DVM, Schomberg, ON


With over 37 years of shoeing horses from backyard ponies to high end Olympic level jumpers I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of issues. Developing my forging and trimming skills, continuing education and keeping abreast of new breakthroughs and products is a must in today’s highly competitive equine business. I have always felt if there is something I can do or learn to help the horse, I am privileged to have in my care, I want to have that skill and knowledge.

Certainly being on the Canadian Farriers team and by competing at shoeing competitions both locally and internationally has been a big part of giving me an edge in forging different options that can t be bought off the shelf. One thing I can do as well is to help educate my clients to what I believe are the best options. There is a constant flow of new (promise all) products and gimmicks that can be confusing but there are some things I feel confident and comfortable recommending. Lately I have been seeing great result from THE EDGE™.

From a personal reference it helped me with a sore wrist that was making me think I might have to do knife work with my left hand. Within a week I found the soreness reduced and working with my right hand doing sole prep back to normal. I still take a small maintenance amount for good health. I’ve had clients have good results with issues such as ligament injury healing, fungal issues (white line disease), shelly weak hoof walls, deep thrush, infections and laminitis. I am not saying it was the only factor, but I do think it was an integral part with good care, veterinary support, and proper supportive foot care. THE EDGE™ is definitely part of my (go to) recommendation and encourage you to check this product out.
– Doug Buck, Buck Farrier & Forge, ON


I see about 700-800 dogs a year and hot spots is a common issue where dogs suffer terribly. Most of this, I believe is that their bodies are not able to cope, and the root of that cause is inadequate nutrition. With all the poor dog food formulas and junk treats out there, it’s no wonder our dogs can’t fight off infections etc. THE EDGE™ gives dogs the boost they need in order to allow the body to do what it should do best – HEAL ITSELF!

My dog, Summer, is a typical dog, she likes to get dirty, she likes to swim daily and she lives on the farm so rolling in all kinds of unmentionables is part of her life.

Her history of hot spots is lengthy. Her successful show career was interrupted frequently as a result of her hot spots and several TV appearances cancelled. At the time of the Royal Winter Fair, she had a very large hot spot under her ear. She scratched all night, wore an Elizabethan collar and was prescribed Prednisone etc. I put her on THE EDGE™ and as of today, you can see that her spot is cleared up and she has not had another spot since. This is the longest she has gone without a new spot cropping up. The price of THE EDGE™ is well worth every penny, cheaper than all the vet bills and I believe my dog’s overall health is better because of it.
– Ellie Ross BSc. Agr., Former CTV Pet Expert, Present Rogers TV Pet Expert,
Reader’s Digest Pet Expert, Owner of WAG N TRAIN INC.


Brian is a four year old yellow lab that suffers from acute moist dermatitis or hot spots which are red, wet, moist, itchy, painful sores that occur due to an imbalance blood chemistry, allergen, or stress and is aggravated due to scratching and biting the skin. It was so bad that he rubbed the painful sores down to the flesh, opening the skin for bacteria to grow and spread, developing into a “hot spot”.

Antibiotics and drying of the infected area did not alleviate his condition or heal any of the “hot spots”. I started him on THE EDGE™ and within a month the area completely healed over and ceased to be an issue. The hair was even growing back nicely. To date, Brian is very healthy with lots of energy and free from hot spots.
– Terri-Lynn Hughes, Trainer, Equine Wellness Canada


My Golden Retriever Baxter loves to swim but for 2 years I fought a constant battle with an infection in one of his ears. I didn’t like having to treat it with antibiotics every few weeks so I thought we have had such great results with THE EDGE™ with our horses and humans why not give it a try? He started on it 1 1/2 years ago and hasn’t had an infection since!
Brenda Pearce , Doonaree Farms, ON


When I started using THE EDGE™, I quickly discovered that it is a product that every cat owner needs from kittens to senior cats! I was amazed how quickly the fur on my cats became shiny and unbelievably soft with no grooming on my part.

THE EDGE™ also helps enhance their immune system and quickly heal open wounds and abrasions. I live in a farming community so plenty of stray cats visit and fight with my cats. When my cats get chewed up and have inflamed wounds, I double up on THE EDGE™ to repair them. Within a few days the cat is healed and I don’t get clawed apart trying to dress the wounds.

I even fed it to my six week old kittens that had ulcers in their eyes. My vet said it could take at least a month or two to see any improvement. However within a week of feeding THE EDGE™, they lost the cloudy film and their eyes were clear. I returned to my veterinarian and he was in total shock when I showed him the kittens. My faith in THE EDGE™ was confirmed. Since that experience, I supplement all of my young kittens with THE EDGE™ as soon as they are willing to drink from a syringe.

I now give about a month’s supply of THE EDGE™ to anyone who buys or adopts my kittens. I know if I can convince the new owner to use it, that my kitten will be off to a stress-free, healthy start. This is truly the best product I have ever used and as a bonus it is totally natural and safe. My family takes it daily and I feed it to all my horses, cats and dogs.
Bev Koole, Lacombe, AB


I had been feeding THE EDGE™ to my horse, but when I sold him, I decided to start feeding it to my dog. He had not climbed stairs since he was 12 years old. You can imagine my surprise when he followed me up to my bedroom one night! THE EDGE™ worked so well for his joints, that I started taking it myself! Not only has the arthritis in my hands vanished, but I notice that I can cope with stress better, feel much happier, and have more energy, too.
Amber Jennings, Vancouver, BC


In my early twenties I suffered from chronic fatigue. I would sleep for hours in the middle of the afternoon and still wake up feeling tired. I tried changing my diet and that helped a bit. I tried THE EDGE™ first and foremost because it was a food, and second because of everything it contains. I was super excited about the high vitamin B-12 and chlorophyll content. Being a vegan, it was also great to eat a food that was 60% protein. THE EDGE™ has helped me regain the vigor I had in my youth.
Susan Milligan, Toronto, ON


For 10 years I have suffered from migraine headaches. To cope, I have taken powerful drugs. Within one week on THE EDGE™ I noticed a huge reduction in the frequency and severity of my migraines. Today, months later, I am pain free. Best of all, I don’t crave junk food as much and I have even lost ten pounds. This simple food has changed my life!
Janet Jennings, Cookstown, ON


I work for a big company in a small cubicle. I deal with a lot of stress every day. I believe a large part of the reason I can cope with it so well is because of THE EDGE™. I take my super green pills every day and they help me face anything that is thrown my way…and I know I am a better person to work with because of it. There is one thing I want to mention. I went away for a business trip one time and I forgot to bring them with me. That week was when I learned the true power of this food. I was not as focused and definitely had less energy. Now I take THE EDGE™ with me everywhere.
Scott O’Brien, Los Angeles, CA


I have lupus and as a result, I get sick all the time. If there is something going around, I am almost certain to catch it. This has affected my life and my job. I bought THE EDGE™ to help me with my energy, but soon I noticed I wasn’t getting sick as often. Now, when I feel something coming on, I just double-up on my EDGE™ and I feel better fast.
Jennifer Dawn , Harrisburg, PA


Being in sports all my life, I was accustomed to feeling aches and pains in my knees, shoulders, and back. Although drugs helped me cope, they never helped me heal. After working up to six capsules a day, I couldn’t believe that the pain in my body went away. I did not change my diet, I did not exercise more, and I did not start doing yoga or meditations. I did only one thing differently…started taking THE EDGE™. I am dead serious, I have no other explanation! Thank you. Seriously, thank you! This pain was starting to get to the point of being depressing. Now, I feel great!
Charles Logan, Columbus, OH


I have always had an issue with seasonal allergies. Sneezing, sniffling, and a runny nose went hand-in-hand with the word spring. Although antihistamines and steroids helped alleviate my symptoms, I hated taking them, and I knew that they weren’t addressing the cause. I had fed THE EDGE™ to my dog to help with his allergies, and when, to my surprise they cleared up and never returned, I began taking it myself. Who would have thought that this simple green food would make such an impact in both our lives.
John Peters, Wellington, FL


You have to try THE EDGE™ to understand fully the difference this can make in your life. For me, I have never felt such a natural sense of calm, focus, and energy! I sleep better, and do not feel the tiredness that was literally taking over every function of my life. My advice is to try it as soon as you can. It has helped me get my life back!
Jim Ryder, King, ON


As a teenager, it wasn’t unusual to have acne. As an adult, it was very embarrassing and I was very self-conscious of it. I hated the way my face looked and make-up and lotions just aggravated the situation. I tried lots of potions and pills, and nothing really worked…until I tried THE EDGE™. I didn’t expect much because I have been disappointed so many times in the past. So you can imagine my surprise (and delight) to see the acne clearing up. The added bonus is that my nails are stronger and people are asking what I am doing to get my hair so shiny. I tell them I eat green sparkles!
Amber Martin, Caledon, ON


When I arrived at Spruce Meadows, Bonsai was stiff and slow to recover from training. Fortunately I found THE EDGE™. Overnight I noticed Bonsai responding. He continued to improve daily becoming more focused and fluid … we even won some ribbons! You have to try it to believe it. I compete to win, and this is my EDGE™!
– Juan-Carlos Garcia, Top Italian Rider, Olympic Competitor


As an equestrian athlete, ensuring that I am maximizing my horses’ ability is of the utmost importance. I also use THE EDGE™ personally and have seen a dramatic improvement in my level of energy and my body’s ability to recover.

Over the past year it has become evident to me that THE EDGE™ gives my animals the necessary tools to perform at the highest level on a consistent basis, resulting in a dramatic difference in my horses’ attitude and physical fitness. I find that my horses are more energetic and supple allowing for more effective training sessions. In the past when I have run out, my horses have been stiff and unwilling to work. It is evident that THE EDGE™ has a direct impact on the performance of my horses and it continues to be an essential part of our daily routine.
– Julie Watchorn, FEI Dressage Rider, ON


I have been using THE EDGETM for almost two years now, and have seen only positive results with my horses. I have two dressage horses on the algae, and have seen improvements in both of them. Both have experienced more rapid hoof growth without a doubt, and their hooves are of improved integrity.

My mare has a difficult temperament which has been much, much more manageable since introducing THE EDGETM to her diet. When I started her on it, she was barely able to accomplish a first level dressage test. With a dramatic change in her attitude, within a couple of months, she was training at third level, with flying changes confirmed.

Their coats glisten as well, which to me is an indicator of good health. My horses are training at 4th level and PSG in dressage. The horses love this product, and I have not had any issue with getting them to eat it. I have had only positive results.

I believe in this product and recommend it strongly.
Marion Bayliff, Williams Lake, BC


I have been using AFA as an addition to my feed program for all of my 10 horses for nearly five years. My horses are adopted through the Long Run Retirement program from Woodbine Race Track. As you can imagine, horses that are competitive often retire from racing with injuries as well as various health and mental issues.

I love horses and the care of them, and have owned horses my entire life. Without a doubt, the addition of THE EDGETM to the diet of my horses has added nutrients which I am convinced were lacking in their diets. I have seen improvements in the condition of all of my horses in varying degrees. Some improvements which are very noticeable relate to hoof issues that thoroughbreds are well-known for.

In the time I have used this product, I have seen a progressive improvement in issues which I had tried years before to overcome. I understand that this is not a cure, and some of my horses have room for more improvement, but I feel this product has definitely taken my horses in the right direction and has helped improved their health and well-being significantly. ‘Thank you’ to this wonderful food!

Mary Zimmerman, Loreto, ON


I first chatted with THE EDGETM in 2013. Since then our family (ranging in age from 81 to 33) have been taking it, including all of our horses and a dog. It has been our experience that it is a product that fills a multitude of holes. Our horses look and behave amazingly. The horses’ hooves grow a tighter hoof capsule as well as grow out much quicker. Their coats are deeper and their overall health is improved. I have not had any of our animals respond negatively to this product nor refuse it. Which as we all know can be such a difficulty when we are trying to feed something that has not been “flavor enhanced.”

We take it every day ourselves and feed it every day to our horses and our dog. I believe in this product, I use this product, I recommend this product.
Cathy Nichol, Colinton, AB, Eagle’s Wing Ranch


Tagaelen is currently eventing at the Intermediate level and will be competing in Florida this coming winter and then competing back here at home in Ontario next summer. He stands for breeding in the Orangeville area. He is ridden by Curtis Barbour.
Kelley Willemze, ON


My daughter’s horse, Lacy, was diagnosed with chronic suspensory ligament desmitis in April. We were instructed to rehab her, but not expect to see much improvement. We started her on THE EDGETM in June.

She went for a recheck yesterday and has no sign of lameness. The ultrasound showed a huge reduction in the size of the ligament. The most they have seen with a chronic condition and ever seen in this short a time. The two vets that specialize in lameness were shocked at the improvement. They said “We don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it”. The vets originally told us that it was unlikely that she would ever recover. The only hope of a POSSIBLE recovery would be surgery which we felt was not an option. She is now 100% sound in a circle and on the straight and showing a 10%+ reduction in the size of the ligament. They have never seen this kind of change with this particular condition.

My daughter and I strongly believe the improvement is attributed in large part to the algae. Our horse loves it and it seems to work miracles.
Teresa Burk, CA